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Project Environmental Support

Caspian Engineering & Research, LLP provides services for the development and approval of environmental documents mandatory for all legal entities in the field of environmental protection, environmental conservation, environmental safety and management.

The staff is highly qualified, improves professional knowledge and multiplies experience while working on projects of oil and gas fields in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The main principles of our activity are thorough compliance with the requirements of environmental legislation, maximum compliance with the requirements of the Customer, competence, quality and prompt execution of design work. We perform all our works taking into account the standards and provisions of the Laws, Codes and Normative Documents in the field of environmental legislation.

The scope of services includes:

  • development of Pre-EIA, EIA and Environmental Protection sections;
  • performing public hearings;
  • approval of projects in supervisory bodies;
  • expert evaluation of environment emissions;
  • consulting in the field of environmental design.