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Author supervision

Caspian Engineering & Research, LLP performs author supervision services, which are an important stage in the construction, guaranteeing the safe operation of the facility in the future.

While supervising the facilities’ construction, the Company monitors the compliance of the construction and installation works performed by construction contractors with the developed and project documentation approved by the Customer.

In cases where the construction contractor makes proposals for changing design decisions for any reason, changes are quickly made to the design or working documentation, if this does not worsen the decisions made in the project decision. For this purpose, in the Company, design specialists who are able to independently decide on the replacement of a particular equipment and material, perform the necessary calculations and make changes to the design or working documentation.

Specialists of Caspian Engineering & Research, LLP can conduct and execute as-built documentation for construction. As a result, upon completion of the construction, the Customer receives a package of as-built documentation that completely corresponds to the actually constructed facility, what in the future significantly simplifies its operation, major repairs, reconstruction, etc.

The head of Author supervision team of Caspian Engineering & Research, LLP as a representative of the general designer (designer) participates in the acceptance of facility in operation and signs the act of acceptance commission.